Kid’s Animal Imagination Oracle Cards

A tool for teachers and parents to boost the imagination of children
by Onia Wellman
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These cards were created by teachers and parents to boost the imagination of children.

How To Use This Deck

  • Pick a card from the deck and read the fun fact or research new facts for fun.
  • Sit still and quietly for 1 to 5 minutes imagining you are that animal in its home environment.
  • Reflect on the experience of imagining that animal. (You can discuss, draw, move or make animal sounds.)
Published by
Mystery School Press
Onia Wellman
I offer my deep gratitude to Jeff and this community for the connective inspiration, wisdom and beautiful expression each member brings to our gatherings. I have a background as a Rolfer, yogini, trans personal therapist and 30 years teaching children full time in both Waldorf and alternative public school settings. Most recently I enjoy being a elder in my community, a peer counselor, meditation teacher, wedding ceremony officiant, grandmother, wife, and Pickleball player. Contact me if you are in the area. I make a yummy morning glory muffin and cup of coffee.