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Paradigm Shifting & Climate Change
Aterah Nusrat
Aterah Nusrat
I'm committed to bringing alive and sharing with others, the lived experience of our fundamental oneness with the natural world. I'm a British-born Muslim, a spiritual evolutionary, and lover of our one shared home, planet Earth. I emigrated from the UK to the United States in 2007. From 1993-2013, I was part of an international intentional spiritual community, based on the eastern enlightenment lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Through the course of those 20 years, I experienced the heights, depths and pitfalls of spiritual awakening, community, and the possibilities of living beyond a separate sense of self, and bringing into being with others, what Jeff refers to in his book, 'The Soul of a New Self.' In parallel to my spiritual journey, I have always been concerned about how we live on, and impact the planet. I hold an MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London, a BSc. in Chemistry and Environmental Science, and certificates in 'Climate Change and Health' from Yale School of Public Health, and 'Health Effects of Climate Change' from HarvardX. I have worked in the UK and US sustainability sectors throughout my career, and in 2007, I was recognized by then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, for scaling a local sustainability project to a national program in the UK, in partnership with The Body Shop, Comic Relief and The Home Office. In the US, in 2019, as the program manager at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, I co-authored a paper entitled "Integrative Medicine is a Good Prescription for Patients and Planet." In 2020, I moved to Colorado, where I worked as a Sustainability Coordinator at the City of Longmont for two years. As of January 2022, I returned to work remotely for the Osher Center at HMS/BWH, where I have a new role as Director of Programming in Integrative Medicine and Planetary Health.
Why others have joined
The Mystery School

Larry Weiss

I’m in The Mystery School community to celebrate, learn and create a community of awakening beings. For over 40 years I’ve been searching, learning and growing as a spiritual being; the way to practice being that being is in relationship. And The Mystery School community is filled with beautiful people sharing this awakening path. What a blessing!

Let’s continue to make it a rich and rewarding experience!

Graeme Burn

If only I lived just around the corner from you all! We could saunter when we felt like it, have surprise meetings and unexpected encounters. But I don’t and what Jeff has started and pulled us into is the next best thing. And it’s very good: alive, fresh, thought-provoking and full of a sense of togetherness and wonder.

Kimberlee Doyle

What inspired me to join The Mystery School was you Jeff. I love your teachings, your meditations, your mind, your humor, and I share your desire to shift our consciousness, our paradigm. I wanted to stay connected. And now after my first awesome summer retreat with you I am excited to stay connected and in community with all the others I have met who share this desire and commitment to expand and shift consciousness. And as Graeme Burn said since we don’t live around the corner from each other this is the next best thing.

Jeffrey Sullivan

It’s something remarkable to be in a group of people, a tiny miracle we take for grant far too easily. And to be here with a group of people hungry for transformation and awakening is something extra special. I too have seen the collective power that can lift all those residing within it. Why am I here… to engage in the collective exploration of living in and as a mystery? It seems like mystery, in the sense in which it’s intended here, has all but fallen out of fashion. Mystery these days is simply, for most, a puzzle to be solved and not the true state of things.

Adriana Colotti Comel

It has been refreshing for me to re-introduce meditation in my daily life. Now, everyday I do the guided meditations and then I journal … this has inspired my creative poetry to develop and in the members blog I already posted 4 original posts to share my experience with the community. I love also the very inspiring monthly talks and group meetings and the posts and comments that make me feel part of a community of shared values...I am very grateful to The Mystery School that make me feel that we are not alone in this extraordinary journey called life on planet earth. Thank you all and specially you Jeff for your wonderful initiatives!

Terry Vartanyan

I’m here because I am consumed with knowing what’s true and who we really are beyond what our senses indicate. There’s a depth of passion that arises deep within to pursue awakening along with a quiet, yet driving desire to become my most authentic self. Connection & interaction with a community of people like those here and at the recent retreat feeds my soul. Ultimately, I want my life to count in the world…

Keith Ohlsen

There was a longing for something bigger, better to happen in daily life. My experiences weren’t fulfilling , leaving a feeling of emptiness. This started changing when I came into contact with Jeff’s teachings. There was a sense of something greater being available. Upon reading the description of Jeff’s ideas of The Mystery School, there was no doubt that I wanted to participate. The experiences have exceeded any expectations that I had. Awareness is readily available no matter how I feel or if I am aware of it or not. Meditation brings out the Truth of this. It is humbling and a blessing to participate in such a group.

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