The Seeker’s Journey Oracle Cards

A Mystical Path to Your Soul
by Cate Gongos
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The Seeker’s Journey Oracle Cards will take you on a transformational journey to discover the truth of who you are and the wisdom and power of your soul.

Inside this elegant magnetic flip lid box, you will find 40 oracle cards and an all-encompassing, easy to use 5” X 7” guidebook. The four card categories in the deck provide a framework for your inner journey. They include - Spiritual Practices, Mystical Tools, Soul Powers, and Mystical Laws. The stunning artwork on the cards invites you into a mystical space where you can ask questions and receive guidance and inspiration through your card readings and reflections. In the guidebook, you will find a message from your soul for each card. The guidebook also includes tips and instructions for one, two, and three card readings, and a seven-card spread called The Soul Compass Journey. You can also explore the deeper meaning and wisdom of each card through The Seeker's Path. The Seeker's Path offers you a sacred space to receive additional insights, clarity, and next-steps for your card readings and personal journey. The Seeker’s Journey cards are the spiritual values we all need to help us navigate our inner journey. Whether you are just beginning, looking for inspiration to get back on your path, or you are a seasoned traveler – these are spiritual tools you have been waiting for!

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Mystery School Press
Cate Gongos
I am a former teacher and college administrator who many years ago started looking for "something more". This led me on a transformational journey to explore the truth of who I was and nature and power of my soul. I mapped out my spiritual path by creating a deck of oracle cards and guidebook called The Seeker's Journey - A Mystical Path to Your Soul. You can see part of the Soul Compass card on my profile page. I joined this community because it offers with the wisdom and fellowship, I need to support my spiritual growth and awakening. I also hope my Seeker's Journey card project and future offerings will support others. I met Jeff through the Opening to the Infinite program, he taught in 2017. That program was a big turning point on my personal journey.