The Spirit at the End of History

A Commentary on Sri Aurobindo’s The Human Cycle
by Ravi Joseph
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The Spirit at the End of History offers a spiritual perspective that is desperately needed in our society. The Enlightenment of 18th century Europe promised continuous positive progress and freedom for all of humanity, but when we look at the world today we often see liberal ideals in crisis. The great Indian yogi, philosopher, and freedom fighter Sri Aurobindo outlined a vision for the future of humanity in his book The Human Cycle. In The Spirit at the End of History, you will learn about Sri Aurobindo’s vision and discover why he believed that the promise of liberalism would only be realized when the guiding light for society was spiritual, and the wisdom of the human soul was allowed to lead our efforts in social progress.

In this book, Ravi Joseph offers a sustained exploration of Sri Aurobindo’s The Human Cycle using clear and lucid language that makes even the most complex ideas accessible to the modern reader and shows exactly why the wisdom of Sri Aurobindo is just as vital and relevant today as it was when The Human Cycle was originally written. This book makes a valuable contribution to contemporary spiritual philosophy and will be of special interest to spiritual seekers, Sri Aurobindo specialists, and sociopolitical thinkers alike.

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Ravi Joseph
Hi! I am a spiritual seeker, philosopher, writer, and follower of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.